CATCH Kids Club Healthy Habits & Nutrition Lessons (5-8) *Hardcopy Only*

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Note: The full CKC 5-8 Healthy Habits & Nutrition Manual is not yet available in digital format. The full hardcopy version is available for purchase through our partners at Flaghouse. 

The CATCH Kids Club 5-8 (CKC) Healthy Habits & Nutrition Manual features over 270 pages with lessons organized into 7 themes related to physical activity, nutrition, and screen-time reduction. A variety of teaching strategies are used including: movement activities, individual practice, educational games, goal setting, and hands-on snack preparation. Family Tip Sheets reinforce learning through parental participation, which contributes to the effectiveness of positive changes in eating and physical activity behaviors. The CKC curriculum can be taught in any out-of-school time setting.

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