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This package is built specifically to help Texas schools meet 100% of the updated 2022 Health and Physical Education TEKS for grades K-8 (excludes Reproductive Health) and comply with the Coordinated School Health (CSH) mandate.

All materials are accessed online via the platform and include 36-week scope and sequence, multiple options for assessment, and student-facing materials that can be shared to any standard LMS.

The Health & PE TEKS / CSH package includes:

  • Comprehensive Health, PE, and SEL curriculum with customizations based on specific school needs, including PreK nutrition and PE (see Free Trial to review content)
  • Live virtual orientation session (recording will also be provided to the district)
  • CATCH Coordination Kit and 2 live virtual CSH trainings (1 person/campus)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration with district systems or third-party clients (e.g. Clever, Google Classroom, ClassLink, etc.)

Physical Curriculum & Materials

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