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Health Ed Journeys is a comprehensive* health education curriculum for grades K-8 that is accessed via the platform. The program is organized into 3 grade bands (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8), includes a 36-week scope and sequence (one lesson per week), multiple options for assessment, and student-facing materials that can be shared to any standard LMS.

The health topics covered include: Foundational Health Literacy, Nutrition & Physical Activity, Physical Health & Hygiene, Mental Health & Wellness, Substance Misuse Prevention, and Staying Safe. In the state of Texas, the program covers 100% of the required ’22 Health Education TEKS for grades K-8*. Health Ed Journeys also includes the CATCH Coordination Kit to guide your Whole Child wellness efforts across your campus.

Access to the CATCH Coordination Kit (K-8) is included with the purchase of Health Ed Journeys (K-8).

*Health Ed Journeys does not address Reproductive Health.

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